Understanding the Requirements for Florida Insurance Agent Licensing May 28th, 2015

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When you decide to pursue your Florida insurance agent licensing exam, it is important to know all of the information about the state’s requirements so that you can ensure that you have the best chance of passing your exam on the first attempt. Each state has individual requirements and laws that dictate what each individual or business must do in order to be licensed, and our course catalogue is state specific so you can find exactly the information that you need to pass your licensing exam with flying colors.

Submit Your Application

After you’ve passed your Florida insurance agent licensing exam, you will need to submit an application for your license to the state. You must complete your application and submit applicable fees in order to get your license. You can submit your application online, but you will need a printer in order to complete some of the paperwork.

Pay Applicable Fees

At this point, you will need to pay any fees that you owe in order to apply for your license. This may vary depending on the lines of insurance you are applying for, so be certain that you are paying the correct amount. Once your fees have been paid, you can move forward to the next step in the application process.

Provide a Letter of Clearance if Applicable

If you are required, provide a letter of clearance to the state. You will need to provide this if you were licensed in another state within the last three years. The letter of clearance is an original document that outlines the applicant’s eligibility for licensing, and it will also detail where and for what position the licensee was licensed in their home state or province.

Remain in Compliance with Continuing Education Credits

After you have received your license, make sure to follow up every couple of years with continuing education credits so that you can maintain compliance with state law. Every state requires that licensees take CE courses to keep their information up to date so they can provide the best service to their customers.

Reference: http://www.floridainsurancelicense.com/requirements.aspx

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3 Things You Need to Know When Preparing for Your Massachusetts Insurance Agent Licensing Exam May 21st, 2015

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If you are interested in preparing for your Massachusetts insurance agent licensing exam, we have all of the training materials and information that you need to ace your exam and apply for your license. In Massachusetts, there are very specific requirements that you must meet in order to be granted a license, and one of those requirements is to pass your licensing exam. Other requirements may vary based on your standing (individual, business, etc.) and your desired position (adviser, broker, etc.).

#1. Where Can You Find the Best Study Materials for the Massachusetts Insurance Agent Licensing Exam?

If you are looking for information that will help you pass your licensing exam, the best thing that you can do is to find great study materials – manuals, guides, practice exams, etc., so that you can pass your exam. At TesTeachers, we provide a comprehensive suite of study materials to help you pass your licensing exam. You may be able to benefit from our online courses, supplementary study materials, and live advice from a knowledgeable insurance educator.

#2. How Do You Register to Take the Exam?

First, you must determine which type of license you need to apply for in order to register for your exam. Once you know which exam you should be registering for, you will need to schedule an appointment with Prometric, the contracted exam provider. You will need to provide them with identifying information such as your social security number and contact information as well as provide them with the payment for your exam fee. Once these initial matters have been handled, you will be given a time and date to come in for testing.

#3. What is the Difference between an Individual Producer License and a Business Entity Producer License?

Individuals operating independently can obtain an individual producer license. These licenses are granted to each individual to ensure that he or she has enough knowledge of the industry and of the specific lines of insurance he or she works with to provide adequate levels of service to customers. Business entity producer licenses are granted to businesses who work in the insurance industry and provide service to customers or businesses by providing and managing insurance policies.

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Tips to Help You Ace Your Massachusetts Insurance Agent Licensing Exam May 14th, 2015

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When you are preparing to take your Massachusetts insurance agent licensing exam, it is important to adequately prepare so that you can easily pass your exam with flying colors. Passing your exam and getting licensed will provide you with the credentials that you need to build a successful career in the insurance industry. The following tips will help you as you prepare to take your insurance and securities exam.

Find the Study Materials that You Need to Succeed

We offer a variety of training materials to help students prepare for their state insurance and securities licensing exams. Select from any of the following course materials to help prepare you for the exam:

  • Online courses: These courses include video lectures, a study manual, and practice/final exam questions.
  • Supplemental hard copy study products: A few options students can choose from include study manual, exam simulation disc, audio review CD, DVD on the most difficult topic of the course, and flashcards.
  • Live reviews: These reviews will allow students to receive real-time answers to their most pressing questions from a licensed instructor as well as recent exam feedback.
  • Live insurance/securities courses: In-person insurance and securities courses are offered in Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois. A complete package live lecture course also includes complimentary online course materials as well as all hard copy study materials.

Take Your Time Preparing for the Exam

At TesTeachers, we offer a variety of training materials that you can use based on which methods work best for you. Make sure to allocate enough time to prepare for you exam, as you will need to learn and retain a lot of information related to the insurance field that you choose. The insurance laws and regulations vary by state, which is why we have structured our courses based on each state’s requirements to provide you with the very best training materials.

Reach Out to Experts with Questions or to Clarify Important Concepts

If you are having trouble with any specific concepts related to your insurance and securities exam, make sure to access the live coaching resources available at TesTeachers. Experts in the field have come together to provide a forum for students to gain access to the answers they need from a real person in real time. Coaches are also available by email to answer students’ questions and clarify important concepts and information that will be found on the exam.

At TesTeachers, you will have access to all of the information and resources you need to tackle your insurance and securities licensing exam and pass it with flying colors. Browse our online courses, study materials, live coaching, and live courses to find the materials that will work best for you as you prepare to take your exam.

If you have any questions about the materials we offer or the insurance licensing exam, please contact us for more details! 

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Qualities of the Best Video Online Insurance Courses May 7th, 2015

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Making sure to enroll in the best online insurance course is of utmost importance. Learning what to look for in an online course will help you select the class that will prepare you to take the next step in your career. Video online insurance courses are taught by well-versed teachers with a unique and strong background of law and insurance, so research the professor of the online course first to ensure they have the experience necessary to teach the course.

Cover the Same Material as In the Classroom

Compared to the traditional classroom setting, video online insurance courses are low cost while offering the same beneficial materials a student would obtain from a live on-location course. Video online insurance courses allow students to save their money and their travel time by being able to log in and stream from anywhere at any time.

Flexible Course Schedules

With video online insurance courses, you can recap any time, any place. Although some courses may have set dates and times that assignments may be due or exams must be taken, other courses may offer even more flexibility, so make sure to learn about the course requirements and any important dates to ensure they align with your schedule.


No need to stop your daily life or reduce your full-time job to part-time just to go to class and get an education. That’s the beauty of video online insurance courses: anywhere can be your classroom. Be available to spend time with your children and even manage to mow the lawn by setting up your own study schedule. Video online insurance courses allow you to learn fundamentals at your own pace, allowing for better memory retention of study materials. With the use of friendly visual aids and simple formats for learning, students will have no problem committing these concepts to memory.

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How Taking Video Online Insurance Courses can Prepare You to Take Your Career to the Next Level April 30th, 2015

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Enjoy an affordable, effective way to advance your career with video online insurance courses. With video online insurance courses, students experience a much higher chance of passing the state exam. Take your career to the next level with an average of 60-day access, including video courses paired with comprehensive reading material. Enjoy convenient and flexible video online insurance courses to help advance your career.

Online Study Lessons

Video online insurance courses combined with online study lessons give you an easier non-invasive way to learn while still allowing the hands on experience with an optional printed manual. Online study lessons provide the best training to help you master key concepts and theories prevalent in different types of insurance such as life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, etc. Video online insurance courses are the closest a student can get to attending an actual live course lecture. Watch pre-recorded video lectures without having to be physically present in a classroom.

Instructor-Led Streaming Video

Instructor-led streaming videos are structured to resemble a classroom without the need to physically attend. The video online insurance courses come with several review tools and resources. For those who don’t study well with just text and limited visual aids, video online insurance courses are beneficial as they offer thorough visual aid to students.

Practice Exam Simulators

Practice exam simulators for video online insurance courses are the same as you would utilize for regular insurance online courses. The exam simulators allow you to test your knowledge of the core concepts discussed in the study materials so that you can ensure that you fully understand them before you sit for the exam. The practice tests are vital for memory retention as the video online insurance courses practice test questions are often similar to the actual final exam needed to obtain insurance licensure.

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Learn a New Trade or Supplement Your Existing Knowledge at an Insurance Online School April 23rd, 2015

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Be the best of the best in the insurance field by learning a new trade or by simply expanding your knowledge of your current career at an insurance online school. All states have insurance licensing requirements, which makes broadening your horizons and staying engaged in the industry easier than ever before! By enrolling in an insurance online school, you can expand your studies while learning with focused instruction.

Expand Your Skill Sets and Gain New Knowledge

Are you savvy with sales, math, or economics? Strengthen your abilities at an insurance online school. By enrolling yourself in an insurance online school, you can put your skills to the test. Skills in these areas are highly valued in the insurance world and can offer you a career full of opportunities when paired with the right training.

New Trades

Perhaps you have already entered the field of insurance as your career. Make the leap from being behind the desk to operating your own agency by applying yourself to learning new concepts and expanding your skill set in the insurance industry.

Flexible Learning Environment with a Variety of Courses to Choose from

Most online insurance school courses will require only a few weeks of focused study. With unlimited access to course materials included with your tuition fees, you can elevate your education at an insurance online school. Study when you want and where you want by working your schooling into your daily schedule. Keep track of your personal progress with available progress reports so that you can achieve your academic goals. By taking a course at an insurance online school, you are developing a long-standing career full of possibilities.

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Looking for a Career Change? Take Courses at an Insurance Online School April 16th, 2015

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Take charge of your future by taking courses at an insurance online school. An insurance online school can prepare you for a lucrative career in the insurance industry by offering comprehensive content, exam simulators, progress reports, and student support systems. Some states require a pre-licensing certificate, which indicates that you’ve completed the necessary pre-licensing education requirement, before you can take the state exam. One you pass the state exam, you can apply for your license!

Comprehensive Content

At an insurance online school, you can better understand key concepts and theories with a simplified learning format. Easy access to course content and materials fosters a better learning environment and enhances understanding of essential concepts and insurance policies. State specific content will educate you on how to best accommodate the people in your area while also preparing you to take state licensing exams.

Exam Simulators

An insurance online school offers different types of exam simulators to prepare you for the big test. While some exams may be timed in an online course, other courses may allow you an unlimited amount of time to complete the exam.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are available at an insurance online school and are a useful tool to help you keep track of your progress in the course. These progress reports allow students to gauge their strengths and weaknesses in order to make note of where more work and studying is necessary and which topics can be set aside, as the student is already well versed in that topic.

Student Support Systems

Student support systems are a popular feature in a typical insurance online school. Support systems are comprised of a team of licensed instructors available to answer questions throughout the student’s entire enrollment period. Often instructors are available by email to help students clarify concepts as they prepare for the examinations. Some schools will offer live reviews that take place over the Internet as a webinar. Live reviews are a great opportunity to ask an instructor questions in real time and hear recent exam feedback.

If your school offers live reviews, make sure you sign up for a session during your course enrollment period! It will help you prepare for your exam!

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Develop the Time Management Skills You Need to Make the Most of Insurance Courses Online April 9th, 2015

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Make the most of insurance courses online by developing better time management skills so that you can manage your time efficiently and prioritize your tasks. Listing your daily tasks by importance will allow you to better handle your studies and will prevent little annoyances from getting in the way and interrupting your time. Staying organized will keep you on track so that you can have the best experience while taking insurance courses online.


Figure out your most productive time of day and dedicate this time to your studies. Use a 1, 2, and 3 rating system to select which items are most important and least important. Make to-do lists for your insurance online courses as well as a list of your daily tasks.

Time Blocking

List your days by importance and plan ahead. Block enough time per task out on your calendar to complete the priority items first, and make time for yourself in between to ensure you are resting your eyes and mind for better focus and clarity. A recommended 15 minutes of quiet time will allow you to power down and recharge.

Take Breaks

To prevent getting sidetracked while taking insurance courses online, be sure to take breaks! Taking breaks should be seen as a reward for your dedicated time. Give yourself time to clear your mind and regroup. Overloading yourself, better known as cramming, is not an effective technique when taking insurance courses online.

Stay Organized

Keep everything in one place so that you can quickly sort through your study materials, notes, and to-do lists to find what you need. Use your study guides, study exercises, practice exams, and other materials to prepare for your exam, and make sure to keep everything organized as you learn the information so that you can quickly access important topics and concepts again in the future.

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How to Find the Best Insurance Courses Online to Prepare for Your Licensing Exams April 2nd, 2015

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Are you interested in taking insurance courses online and preparing for your state licensing exams? If you have chosen to pursue a career in the insurance industry, then passing your licensing exam is a requirement that you will need to complete before you can begin your career. We offer comprehensive course preparation and training so that you can gain proficiency in key areas of the field and prepare to pass your exam on the first attempt.

Find The Right Study Materials

We have a variety of study options available for you to choose from as you pursue your insurance license. Depending on your level of expertise in the field, you can find the materials you need to adequately prepare for the exam. It can be stressful to prepare for a state licensing exam, which is why we take the time to create each course from scratch to ensure that it is state specific and incorporates all of the necessary information each student needs to pass the exam on the first attempt.

Flexible Study Options

Online course offerings and downloadable study guides, practice exams, and other exercises make finding the time to study for your licensing exam a breeze. Even if you are a busy professional, you can download the study materials right to your computer and access them at your convenience. This provides increased flexibility for you and gives you access to the resources that you need before you take the exam.

Earning Your Insurance and Securities State Licenses

Earning your insurance license can open a variety of doors for you now and in the future. With insurance courses online, you can optimize your learning experience and spend as much or as little time as you need to prepare for the exam. Once you have taken and passed your exam, you will be well on your way to a rewarding career in the insurance industry!

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How to Find the Best Insurance Courses Online to Further Your Career March 26th, 2015

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Insurance courses online offer programs that prepare and train individuals to pass the entrance exams for careers in the insurance industry. By packing courses full of knowledge about ethics, risk assessment, management, and other key concepts, students can prepare for a lucrative career in the industry. As you are searching for online courses to take, make sure to address the following aspects of each course so that you can ensure that you will get the most out of your accelerated training.

Does the Course Offer Unfettered Access to Visual Aids and Test Prep Materials?

Make sure that the course you are considering offers extensive visual aids, including books, study guides, learning modules containing lectures, access to a professor or mentor, etc. A lot of people are hands-on learners, and these people will learn best with a variety of digital aids to better understand the material.

Does the Course Offer Live Online Coaching?

Live online coaching is a wonderful tool for students, especially for those who have already studied but seek further clarification on concepts. The instructors are professional mentors who are knowledgeable in the insurance industry. Insurance courses online that offer live online coaching should be placed at the top of your online course prospects list, as you will undoubtedly benefit from the additional wealth of knowledge industry experts are able to offer.

Does the Class Offer an Unlimited Practice Tool?

Courses that fall short on providing practice tools ultimately put more pressure on the student, which results in anxiety and stress. Choose a course that includes practice tools such as practice exams, practice quizzes and other training materials. Having 24/7 access to the necessary practice tools allows you to take mock tests as many times as you want without any restrictions to better prepare you for the actual exam. You may take the state exam multiple times if you need to, though the second and third tries can sometimes come with tacked on fees or penalties. Most often, the life insurance online classes will include at least one final exam attempt in the initial tuition fee. Be mindful that with some courses, additional attempts that are not covered within the initial tuition may result in additional out-of-pocket expenses for the student.

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